An Ongoing Storage System

The Cantilever system is a storage device that supports goods without any ground contact. Attached to a vertical steel frame, the extended arms hold goods and materials without any ground support. This type of storage allows safe handling of the inventory and facilitates its access.

Its extended design makes it a very efficient system to hold long goods such as:

  • beams and wooden boards
  • steel pipes and metal sheets   
  • construction materials
  • inventory pallets  

Types Of Cantilevers

Cantilever racking allows you to customize your storage structure. By changing the number of arms, the number of columns, the size of the accessories and the spacing between each component, you can optimize the whole storage. There are four different types of layouts:   

  • Vertical Shelving:
    Allows the storage of long goods, the merchandise being supported by the extended arms. Allows merchandise handling without the use of a forklift truck.  
  • Horizontal Shelving:
    Allows to clear floor space and optimizes long and large goods storage capacity. This type of layout is the most used.   
  • Single-sided Cantilever System:
    This wall-mounted system allows you to save a lot of space. To obtain this layout, you only install one side of the cantilever system.  
  • Double-Sided Cantilever System:
    Allows a larger storage capacity than the single-sided system because it offers storage areas on both sides.  

Groupe ITC Services

At Groupe ITC, our qualified staff uses the appropriate tools to fulfill your needs regarding any cantilever storage system. With our certifications, we ensure that the job will be done safely. Our services include:   

  • Installation of the different cantilever parts
  • Modification of your storage system and adjustment of the extended arms
  • Inspection and maintenance of your cantilever storage system
  • Dismantlement of support infrastructures

Why choose Groupe ITC

By choosing Groupe ITC, you can be assured that the deadlines are respected and that the job is done properly with the appropriate tools. Our experience includes more than ten years in the field of storage system installation and handling.   

For the list of our certifications and to see which organizations, such as RBQ and CCQ, recognize and accredit our expertise, visit our ABOUT US page.   

Please contact us right away to get answers to your questions.  We will be glad to find a solution that will suit your needs.

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