To Protect Your Employees

A guardrail is a device forming a protective barrier on roofs, stairways and landings and is designed to help prevent slips and falls. With more than 700 falls from heights yearly, in Québec, it is now necessary to protect your working environment.       

Different Types of Guardrails

Very useful to employees working at heights and ensuring equipment maintenance on roofs, guardrails can be found in several types:   

  • Freestanding guardrail for roofs:
    installed permanently or temporarily, the freestanding guardrail allows a customized configuration without any perforation of the roof membrane.   
  • Fold-on guardrail for roofs:
    installed permanently, this type of guardrail enables to secure roofs areas and can be folded to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the building.   
  • Crawling guardrail:
    installed permanently in most cases, this type of guardrail fits the shape of the stairs and different levelling components. It is also available in a modular version.
  • Landing guardrail:
    installed permanently, this type of guardrail secures balconies and mezzanines areas.

Goupe ITC Services

At Groupe ITC, we take care of your guardrails installation through the entire process. Because we have the skills and know-how, we manage the whole project and we manoeuvre the crane for the installation. We also inspect the roof to delimitate the risk zones, according to CSST requirements. Our services include:       

  • Meeting you  
  • Inspection of the roofs and different landings included in the work
  • Professional tips to help you find the perfect guardrail
  • Material handling from the manufacturer to the roof
  • Installation of the structure
  • Guardrail certification
  • Maintenance
  • Modification of the guardrail when needed

Why Choose Groupe ITC

By choosing Groupe ITC for the handling and installation of your storage or protective structures, you can be assured that the work is perfectly done by a multi-skilled and certified team. To read about the services we are qualified for, see the list of our accreditations and certifications on our About Us page.

Call Groupe ITC today and tell us about your situation. We will be glad to help you find a solution adapted to your needs.

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