Optimizing the Organization of Your Inventory

A pallet rack system allows you to store pallets in order to organize and maximize your storage capacity. Often seen in industrial areas, a good pallet rack solution facilitates the management of your inventory.    

There are many pallet rack systems allowing you to optimize your storage capacity in different ways. To suit your needs and install the ideal pallet rack according to your situation, many factors need to be considered:   

  • The weight and size of the goods to be stored
  • The investment available for the storage facilities  
  • The desired inventory density
  • The floor surface provided by the building
  • The desired inventory accessibility
  • The method of storage (FirstIn FirstOut or LastIn lastOut)  

Different Types of Pallet Racks

Pallet rack installations allow you to optimize your storage capacity and need to be wisely selected according to their conveniences. They represent a major factor in the selected storage process. Here are a few types:

  • First in First out pallet rack: allows you to store more items within a limited space.
  • Drive-in pallet rack: this system is the most common on the market. Its structure allows the storage of heavier loads and it is perfect for a quick inventory turnover.   
  • Gravity pallet rack: this system allows you to move items on a short distance. With its roller system combined to gravity, it controls the pace while lowering merchandise and prevents you from using a forklift truck. The gravity pallet rack reduces the risk of damages while moving merchandise.    
  • Mobile pallet rack: this system allows you to maximize your storage capacity. It has a unique mobile supply driveway that can open or close on demand and it has twice as much storage capacity than the others.

Groupe ITC Services

At Groupe ITC, we offer numerous services to help you with your pallet rack handling and installation. Our numerous certifications allow us to fulfill your demands regarding storage infrastructures. Our services include:   

  • Installation and dismantling of your pallet racks
  • Modification of the installations (change of height, adding new levels, etc.)
  • Maintenance and inspection of the components of your pallet racks within a context of prevention and respect of the market standards    
  • Moving and handling of your equipment

Why Choose Groupe ITC

When you choose Groupe ITC, you rely on a professional team certified and accredited by la Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ). Our staff benefits from continuous training to offer you a wide range of services:    

  • Forklift truck driver’s license 
  • Skyjack shear platform operator card
  • Work at heights certification

For a complete list of our certifications and accreditations, visit our About Us page. Call Groupe ITC today and ask for a proposal about your pallet rack installation or modification.  

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