A Turnkey Service

Dismantling a storage infrastructure requires specific expertise. With older facilities, it takes specific tools to tear them down in a safe and efficient way. Whether you are looking for a new storage system or you want to optimize the existing one, the dismantling procedure is inevitable.   

The Dismantling Method of Groupe ITC

For the dismantling of your storage facilities, Groupe ITC offers you a turnkey service by handling each step of the (whole) process. Throughout the years, we have established a three step procedure:   

Phase 1 : Safety

  • Confirmation of the customer’s needs:
    we make sure all parties involved are on the same level to avoid misunderstandings.    
  • Visual inspection and risk evaluation:
    upon arriving on-site, our team proceeds with a meticulous inspection of the products and existing installations to avoid eventual risks.

Defining the boundaries of the working area: by defining the limits of a specific working zone, we protect your employees and our staff. Another strategic issue is to avoid slowing down your productivity by interfering with your daily activities.  

Phase 2 : Installation

  • Start ok work: dismantling, saving and storing the old facilities. In this way, you can choose to reuse, recycle or sell your old facilities.    

Phase 3 : Final step

  • Cleaning of the working area: once the dismantling is completed, our staff cleans up the whole working area and removes all the boundaries.  
  • Feedback: we recap the whole project and ensure our client’s satisfaction by evaluating the results of our work.

Why Choose Groupe ITC

When you work with Groupe ITC, you leave the handling of your storage infrastructures to a professional team, recognized and certified by RBQ and CCQ. With more than ten years of experience in the field of storage system handling and installation, our staff will certainly suit your needs.      

Not only do we offer suitable and affordable solutions but we also are aware of the impact of our work on your activities and productivity and we will make sure to respect them.     

For the list of our certifications, visit our ABOUT US page. Call us today for a free proposal.  

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