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Many suppliers that specialize in storage methods will not offer solutions to install their own goods. More than a complex task, racking installation has to be done by respecting specific safety standards. Working with Groupe ITC, a professional company recognized by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec, could save you a lot of trouble.   

Groupe ITC’s Racking Installation Method

For your storage infrastructure installation, Groupe ITC works on the basis of a rigorous process to ensure the safety of your workers and our staff.

Phase 1 : Safety

  • Visual inspection and risk evaluation: upon arriving on-site, our team proceeds with a meticulous inspection of the products and existing installations.
  • Defining the boundaries of the working area: by defining the boundaries of a specific working zone, we don’t interfere with your daily activities and efficiency.  

Phase 2 : Installation

  • Confirmation of the customer’s needs and start of work: listening to our customer is a priority at Groupe ITC. We take pride in putting our skills at your service. Each system has its own specific technical installation procedure.    
  • Quality control process:  we are aware of the importance of a robust and reliable installation. That justifies numerous quality assurance checks during the working process.

Phase 3: Final Step

  • Cleaning of the working area: once the work is completed, our staff cleans up the whole working area and removes all the boundaries.  
  • Feedback: we ensure our client’s satisfaction by evaluating the results of our work.

Why Choose Groupe ITC

When you work with Groupe ITC, you rely on a professional service that meets the needs of the industry. Apart from being professional, our team stands out for its safe procedures and is recognized and certified by CCQ and RBQ.     

For the list of our certifications, visit our ABOUT US page.   

Please contact us today for the installation of your storage system and deal with a professional company.

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