Optimizing Your Storage Space

Modifying your storage infrastructures allows you to maximize all the available space. With our certifications, we can operate numerous types of modifications to improve your storage capacity and your productivity.

Groupe ITC’s Racking Modification Method

To modify your storage systems, Groupe ITC works on the basis of a rigorous process. Whether you want to add levels to your infrastructures, change the height of your existing platforms or optimize your storage design, our staff adopts a specific approach ensuring a top quality work done using safe procedures.

Phase 1 : Safety

  • Visual inspection:
    analyzing your infrastructures allows us to coordinate our activities in order to work methodically and effectively.
  • Risk evaluation:
    damaged infrastructures and fall possibilities are the main risk sources. To prevent them is to protect our workers and yours.
  • Defining the boundaries of the working area:
    our work demands a specific safe area to prevent injuries. This helps avoid to interfere with your daily activities.  

Phase 2 : Modification

  • Confirmation of the customer’s needs:
    listening to our customers and make sure we fulfill their demands are Groupe ITC’s priorities.
  • Managing the appropriate modifications:
    our skills and accreditations allow us to use a precise working method to totally satisfy our customers.  
  • Quality control process:  
    by ensuring installations stability and controlling the quality of our services, we prevent accidents and injuries.  

Phase 3 : Final Step

  • Cleaning of the working area:
    once the work is completed, our staff cleans up the whole working area and removes all the boundaries.  
  • Feedback:
    we always ensure our client’s satisfaction by evaluating the results of our work.

Why Choose Groupe ITC

For Safety Procedures

Not only do we modify your installations following your request but we stand out for our very precise processes anchored in safe working procedures. By relying on our professional team you can be assured of a reliable work complying with all CCQ, CSST and RBQ requirements.

Our Certifications

We continuously train our employees so they can improve their know-how and develop new skills. Members of our staff are certified to drive forklift trucks, to operate shear platforms and to work at heights.

Please contact us today for the installation of your storage system and deal with a professional company.

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