Optimizing Your Storage Capacity

Racking is a method often used in the storage and distribution industry areas. It allows you to optimize the space reserved for inventory storage.    

There are numerous methods of racking and they all meet specific storage needs. To obtain the optimal racking system according to your specific needs, many factors need to be considered:

  • The desired storage density
  • The desired inventory turnover
  • The desired inventory accessibility
  • The surface and height that the building allows
  • The location of the doors and columns of the building
  • The weight and size of the goods to be stored
  • The cost of the materials and their installation    
  • The optimization of the storage design

Different Styles of Racking

Apart from allowing a storage optimization, the different types of racking also have an impact on the inventory model and the storage capacity of many businesses. These are the most common types and their advantages:    

Structural Racking: stronger than the other models, it allows a high storage capacity and a heavier handling.

Drive-in Racking: useful for fast inventory turnovers, this type allows you to store several similar goods. By using the “Last in last out” version, this type of racking allows a larger inventory density than the other models.

Push-back Racking: with the way it works, the Push-back Racking allows a high inventory capacity while using the “first in first out” type.  

Pallet flow Racking: by moving goods on a controlled scale, this system allows you to move the pallets on a short distance without using a forklift truck. (For instance from an unloading dock to a production line) This positive characteristic reduces the cost of maintenance related to these tools and helps to avoid damaging goods while moving them.     

Compact mobilized Racking: a very different type of racking, the compact mobilized racking allows you to maximize the storage space while ensuring access to all relevant material. Its unique feature: create a supply driveway that could open or close on demand.

Goupe ITC Services

At Groupe ITC, we offer numerous services to help you with your racking installation. By hiring our certified team, you rely on our professional and multi-skilled technicians. Our services include:   

Modification of storage systems (adding levels, changing the height, etc.)

Installation and dismantlement of storage infrastructures

Maintenance and quality control of all types of installation    

Moving and handling of the materials

Why choose Groupe ITC

By choosing Groupe ITC, you rely on a professional team with more than ten years of experience in that field. Groupe ITC is the only company recognized by la Régie du bâtiment du Québec in the field of storage system installation and handling. Here are our certifications:      

  • Certified by le Code du bâtiment (RBQ)
  • Health and safety compliance courses on ASP construction sites
  • Forklift truck driver’s license
  • Skyjack shear platform operator card
  • Working at heights cetificate
  • Complying with la Commission de la construction du Québec requirements

Call Groupe ITC today to deal with a team of professional workers in the field of storage system installation.

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