Organizing Merchandise And Inventory   

Shelving is often used to organize merchandise storage. Very useful in a commercial, industrial or institutional environment, shelving allows numerous practices such as:   

  • Archiving; institutional field
  • Storage; industrial field
  • Displaying; commercial field

Different Types of Shelving

To optimize the organization of numerous types of goods, there are different categories:

  • Picking Shelving:
    this type of installation consists of an efficient roller system. It facilitates the moving of merchandise and optimizes the space while compacting the storage area. Useful for storage lots.  
  • Retention Shelving:
    this type of installation is used to respect the rules concerning the storage of corrosive and flammable products. It is equipped with retention tanks to prevent any spill.  
  • Cantilever Shelving:
    equipped with extended arms, this type of installation allows the storage of long goods.  
  • Racking Shelving:
    it is mostly used in an industrial environment and it allows the storage of pallets and heavy items.  

Groupe ITC Services

At Groupe ITC, we suggest numerous solutions for your different storage installations. From light shelving to heavy shelving, our certifications allow us to offer a large range of services.    

  • Installation of infrastructures and complementary components for your shelving systems and to organize your inventory.   
  • Modification and adjustment of your installations to optimize your storage capacity and your productivity.
  • Maintenance and inspection of your system components to ensure the quality of your installations.
  • Dismantlement of obsolete and harmful structures.

Why Choose Groupe ITC

By choosing Groupe ITC, you rely on a professional team of experts with more than ten years of experience in their field. You can be assured of a reliable work, done through safe procedures and complying with the CCQ and RBQ requirements.      

For our certifications and accreditations please visit our About us page. Contact Groupe ITC today to solve your handling and installation storage system problems.

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