A Cylindrical and Heavy Inventory

With all the different shapes, sizes and weights, tire storage can become quite challenging for the stakeholders in the auto industry. Elements to be considered are:

  • The variety of weights
  • Different sizes in the inventory
  • The instability due to the cylindrical form of tires

A tire rack is a good solution. Often made of metal, a tire rack facilitates the organization, increases the storage capacity and provides easy access to the merchandise.   

Different Types of Tire Racks

Tire racks are divided in three categories. They all depend on the weight of the tires to be stored:

  • Rack for light tires:  
    smaller installation allowing you to store up to 20 units for each division of a horizontal rack. This type is often used by car dealers.  
  • Rack for medium weight tires:  
    bigger installation than the previous one, it allows you to store more tires by placing them on a horizontal rack. This type is perfect for garages and warehouses.   
  • Rack for heavy tires:
    with this type of installation, tires have to be stored vertically. This rack is very useful for wide and heavy tires such as truck tires, bus tires and those used in the military industry.     

Groupe ITC Services

At Groupe ITC, we install storage systems such as tire racks, cantilevers and infrastructures racking. Our services include a complete supervision of the several steps related to the handling of these installations.

  • Installation and dismantling of tire racks
  • Modification and optimization of existing shelves
  • Inspection and evaluation of the storage infrastructure
  • Moving of the storage systems and their components

Why Choose Groupe ITC

When you choose Groupe ITC, you leave the handling of your tire racks to professional people focussing on customers’ needs. At Groupe ITC, safety procedures are a priority.  

By relying on our team, you deal with the only company accredited by la Régie du bâtiment du Québec in the field of storage systems handling and installation.

Contact us today for your tire rack installation or modification projects. Our team of experts will be happy to help you and submit a free proposal.   

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