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Our certifications allow us to offer versatile solutions to our customers. Whether it is for the manufacture, installation, modification or inspection of your facilities, let us optimize your storage infrastructures and improve your productivity.

At Groupe ITC, we have a team of trained and accredited professionals for the manufacture, handling and installation of storage systems. We meet expectations by offering quality service and relying on safe practices. Contact us, it is with pleasure that we will find the solution adapted to your needs.


Whether for standards, manufacturing or installation of your storage systems, ITC will answer your questions and guide you throughout your development work. We will be able to find the solution to optimize space with our products such as mezzanines and mesh partitions.


We have the experience to handle any custom manufacturing needs your business may require. We use state-of-the-art methods. Ultra solid construction with powder coated finish. We also offer plans with an engineer’s seal.


Often, suppliers of storage methods do not offer solutions for the installation of their products. More than a complex task, the installation must be done to meet certain safety standards. Doing business with a team of professionals like the ITC Group, recognized by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec, can save you a lot of trouble.

Other Services


A pallet rack is an installation that allows pallets to be stored in such a way as to organize and optimize storage space. It allows better management of goods and inventory.


Industrial shelves are storage spaces that give companies the opportunity to organize their inventory. They adapt to the different products and loads to be stored.

Tire rack

One of the tire storage solutions is the tire rack. Structure most often metallic, it allows a storage which facilitates the organization, the storage and the access to the different tires.


Shelving is the term used to designate all the facilities used for the organization and storage of goods. Practice in a commercial, industrial or institutional context.

What we can do for you.

Groupe ITC is a company that listens to its customers and is able to adapt to their unique needs. Our team is certified for the handling and installation of protective and storage structures. To find out which services we qualify for, see the list of our certifications and accreditations by visiting our offer page.

With Groupe ITC you will not only save time, but also money for your project budget.

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