The ITC Group Protection Installation Method

For the installation of your storage infrastructures, Groupe ITC works by following a well-established process guaranteeing the safety of your employees and our stakeholders.

Phase 1 : Security

  • Visual inspection and risk assessment: Upon arriving on site, our team makes a thorough check of the products and installations already present.
  • Delimiting a work zone: By delimiting a reserved work zone, we make sure that we do not interfere with your activities and your productivity.

Phase 2 : Installation

  • Confirmation of client needs and start of work: listening to the client is paramount at the ITC Group. We put our skills at their service. The different technical procedures of the installation are specific to the different systems.
  • Verification of quality procedures: we are aware of the importance of a solid and reliable infrastructure, which is why we do many quality checks throughout the work.

Phase 3: Finish

  • Cleaning of the workspace: once the work is finished, our team takes care of cleaning the reserved area and removing the boundaries.
  • Feedback with the client: We always make sure our clients are satisfied by giving feedback on the results of the work.

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Why Choose Groupe ITC

By doing business with the ITC Group, you ensure professional service that meets industry standards. In addition to being professional, our team stands out for its safe practices. This is how you will entrust your work to a team accredited by the CCQ and the RBQ.

For a list of our certifications, visit our About page.

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An extra service

Often, suppliers of storage methods do not offer solutions for the installation of their products. More than a complex task, the installation of racking must be done to meet certain safety standards. Doing business with a team of professionals like the ITC Group, recognized by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec, can save you a lot of trouble.

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