Methods as an example of project progress

Groupe ITC offers you a turnkey service by supporting all stages of the process. Over the years, we have established a three-step procedure:

Phase 1: Confirmation

  • Confirmation of customer requirements:
    ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Manufacturing
    Ensure that the parts are manufactured according to the requests

Phase 2: Security

  • Visual inspection and risk assessment:
    Upon arriving at the site, an inspection is made to verify the installations that are the subject of the work and to avoid future risks.
  • Delineation of a work area:
    delineate a work area to ensure that we protect your employees and our stakeholders. Another strategic issue is to avoid any interruption in your activity which would result in a slowdown in your productivity.

Phase 3: Setup

  • Beginning of the roadworks :
    dismantling, protection and storage of old structures. You will be able to choose to reuse, recycle or resell your old installations that you will no longer use.

Phase 4: End

  • Workspace cleaning:
    once the dismantling is complete, our team makes sure to clean the reserved area and remove the boundaries.
  • Feedback with you on the whole mission:
    summary of the project and discussion of your satisfaction with the results obtained.

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Why Choose Groupe ITC

By choosing the ITC Group, you entrust the handling of your storage infrastructures to a team certified and accredited by the RBQ and the CCQ. With more than ten years of experience in the field of handling and installation of storage systems, our team will meet your needs.

In addition to offering you affordable and adapted solutions, we are fully aware of the impact of our intervention on your organization and therefore, your productivity. We will know how to respect them.

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A turnkey service

Dismantling a storage infrastructure requires specific expertise. Very often, the installations have aged and deconstructing them requires precise tools to ensure efficient and safe work. Whether in order to acquire a new storage system or to optimize an old system, dismantling is an inevitable process.

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