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To protect your employees

A rooftop guardrail system is a structure that forms a protective barrier on landings, roofs and stairs and is used to prevent falls. With nearly 700 falls per year in Quebec, protecting your workplace is becoming a necessity.

Types of Rooftop Railings

Particularly useful for maintaining equipment on roofs and for workers who operate at height, guardrails come in several types:

Freestanding Roof Railing:
installed permanently or temporarily, the self-supporting guardrail allows a personalized configuration while avoiding perforating the roof membrane. It consists of a detachable counterweight system and is an option of choice for occasional work on roofs.

Folding guardrail for roof:
Permanently installed, this type of guardrail makes it possible to secure roofs and folds down to preserve the aesthetic appearance of buildings.

Crawling Railing:
fixed installed in most cases, follows stairs and various leveling components. It also exists in a modular model.

Landing Railing:
this fixed or temporary installation secures balconies and mezzanines.

Groupe ITC's Services

At Groupe ITC, we take care of your railings from start to finish. Whether it is for project management, crane management for lifting coordination or installation, our team has the necessary skills. We also inspect roofs to delineate risk areas according to CSST standards. Our services include:

  1. The meeting with you
  2. Inspection of roofs or landings involved in the work
  3. Advice on the choice of railings
  4. Material handling, from the manufacturer to the roof
  5. The installation of the structure
  6. Certification of guardrails
  7. Maintenance
  8. Modification of guardrails as needed

Why Choose Groupe ITC

By choosing the ITC Group, you guarantee impeccable work done by a team trained and certified for the handling and installation of protective and storage structures. To find out which services we qualify for, see our list of certifications and accreditations by visiting our about page.

Call Groupe ITC today and tell us about your situation. We will be happy to find the right solution for your needs.

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