Rayonnage de protection

Types of Protection

There are many types of shelving on the market to meet all the specificities of storage.

  • Cantilever Shelves: allow you to store long items by freeing up the floor space. Very similar to cantilevers, only smaller.
  • Closed Shelves: allow you to store objects in a closed place. They are useful for preventing free access to certain products.
  • High Capacity Shelves: meet the need to store heavy objects. Their structure is reinforced and therefore allows a greater weight load than that offered by other types of shelves.
  • Removable Parts Shelves: allow the integration of modular elements such as drawers, dividers and spool holders. Their scalable design makes it possible to adapt their installations over time according to different needs.

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Details de protection de racking

Chez Groupe ITC, nous offrons des services pour vos différents types d’installations d’entreposage. Nous avons les compétences et les certifications nécessaires pour trouver la solution qui vous convient :

  • Installation et démantèlement d’étagère industrielle
  • Modification des différents types d’infrastructures d’entreposage et de leurs pièces modulaires
  • Inspection et évaluation des composantes qui constituent vos systèmes d’entreposage
  • Déménagement et manutention de vos étagères industrielles

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