Walkways & Crossovers

Adapted to your needs

Walkways create modular walkways and work platforms in warehouses to allow employees to quickly and safely navigate around machines, pipes, conveyors and other existing equipment and obstacles. There are many types of cross bridges available with ladders or stairs, and can even be installed for rooftop use.

We are able to build a gateway that can adapt to any situation or need according to your industry. Our catwalks are all certified according to the size and length required.

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Quality Walkways or Crossover Pathways

The type of crossover that will best suit your application depends on the type of use, the size of the work platform needed, and the likelihood of having to move or reconfigure the unit as your workflow changes. . You can also design your own configuration to meet your exact needs with pre-built components using a configuration app.

Our walkways are designed in such a way that we don’t need to tie down or drill holes in your roof. This allows for a simpler design and an overall safer product for your employees.

If necessary, we are able to put catwalks above your roof, to easily pass over utility equipment or other elements that block the way.

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