To organize effeciently

Industrial shelves are storage facilities allowing you to meet hygiene standards while organizing your inventory. Often made of metal, they allow modular designs to fit various products and loads to be stored.      

Different Types of Shelves

Numerous types of shelves are offered on the market to meet the different needs of storage.

  • Shelves with extended arms:
    allow you to store long items while freeing up floor space. They are similar to the cantilever system but a bit smaller.    
  • Closed shelves:
    allow you to store items in a closed area. They are useful to prevent free access to different products.
  • High capacity shelves:
    with their reinforced structure, they allow you to store heavier loads than other types of shelves.
  • Shelves with removable parts:
    allow you to fit modular components such as drawers, dividers and coil supports. Their flexible design allows you to adapt the structure through time when required.     

Groupe ITC Services

At Groupe ITC, we offer services for your different storage installations. We have the skills and certifications required to find a solution for your needs:     

  • Installation and dismantling of industrial shelves
  • Modification of different types of storage infrastructures and their modular components
  • Inspection and evaluation of your storage system components
  • Moving and handling of your industrial shelves  

Why Choose Groupe ITC

When you choose Groupe ITC, you rely on the only company accredited by la Régie des bâtiments du Québec in the field of storage system handling and installation. Our certified teams will fulfill their mission according to work safety practices and standards.  

For the list of our certifications, visit our About Us page.  

Contact us today. We are at your disposal and will be happy to analyse your project in order to submit a free proposal.

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